Alcohol awareness

In times of stress we can find ourselves drinking more often or more heavily. This page provides advice and support about alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

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Alcohol and COVID

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a stressful time for us all. The emergency has placed great strain on the physical and mental wellbeing of NHS and care staff.

We often drink more during stressful periods and the impact of the pandemic has meant that our normal routines have been disrupted. For some this has led to increased alcohol consumption.


Are you misusing alcohol?

Regularly drinking alcohol in excess of recommended quantities can cause serious harm to your health.

Find out if you’re misusing alcohol and see what support might be available.

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What is sober shaming?

As we become increasingly more aware of the health risks associated with alcohol consumption a new term has emerged – sober shaming.

A recent poll found that while six out of ten (61%) men are actively looking to cut down their alcohol intake 64% admit to having been sober-shamed by friends and family for their efforts.

Is alcohol affecting your relationships?

If alcohol is having a negative impact on your personal or professional relationships, there are some steps you can take.

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Support for managers

Your employees are your most valuable asset. It makes sense for them to stay healthy, both inside and outside the workplace.

If there is a problem with alcohol or drug misuse in your workplace then this may be part of a wider stress problem.

Are you sober curious?

If you want to avoid alcohol as a lifestyle choice why not start with a short break? Sober challenges can motivate us to cut-down or even quit alcohol. For some it can be an effective starting point to completely change their relationship with alcohol.

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