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Dry January 2022

Dry January is the UK’s official one-month alcohol-free challenge. It’s organised by Alcohol Change UK and means giving up alcohol for 31 days during January.

Why do it?

Many of us over-indulge over the festive period, and we often look to the new year to start new habits and maybe break some old unhealthy ones. So January is great time to take on a new challenge if you’re already feeling motivated and ready.

Taking a break from alcohol is an effective way to disrupt the pattern of habitual drinking. It can allow your body to recover from the effects of alcohol and let you get in touch with the ‘real you’ – the one that doesn’t rely on alcohol to relax, have fun or cope with stress.

For some people it can be an effective starting point to completely change their relationship with alcohol. A 2018 study by the Royal Free Hospital and published in the British Medical Journal, found cutting your intake for a month lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced the risk of diabetes and also cut the levels of cancer building blocks in the blood.

A growing movement

If you’ve ever questioned the role alcohol plays in your life, or think maybe a break would do you good you’re definitely not alone. Last year 6.5 million people signed up to Dry January, and many more would have taken part unofficially. The ‘sober curious’ movement is growing rapidly, and it’s generally younger millennial drinkers who are choosing to avoid the booze and make sobriety culturally more popular. The sober curious movement also coincides with the growing popularity of other mindfulness activities. You might also hear the phrase ‘mindful drinking’.

Going sober curious allows you the opportunity to see how sobriety or moderation might suit you. Some people choose to avoid alcohol for a week, a month, or a year. Others don’t set any time limit but commit to going without ‘for now’.

Sober curiosity is all about exploring what works best for you.

Download the Try Dry app

If you want to avoid alcohol as a lifestyle choice why not start with a short break? The Try Dry app is your booze-free buddy for Dry January and beyond, helping you keep track of your units, calories and money saved and letting you earn badges along the way

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